Thursday, April 18, 2013

The 7-11 Gulp Election Campaign returns

Back in 2010, 7-Eleven (locally licensed by Philippine Seven Corporation) launched its local 7-Election campaign, an unofficial and unscientific poll to determine which presidential candidate does its customers prefer, through the use of specially marked Gulp® cups. Noynoy Aquino netted 38% in the Gulp ballot, while he actually garned 39% in the COMELEC count.

This year, 7-Eleven is bringing back its award-winning 7-Election campaign for the 2013 Senatorial elections. Customers can pick which senatorial coalition they prefer, from the yellow of Team PNoy, to the orange of the UNA, to the white of the independent candidates. For one 16oz Gulp® purchase, one vote will be awarded to which color they selected. In case a customer picked the white option, they can specifically selection which independent group they are backing by picking which barcode to have scanned in making the purchase.

With all 7-Eleven stores able to track the sales of the cups, 7-Eleven will be able to provide updates on which coalition the paying public prefers. Updates in the leaderboard are conducted weekly and will be posted on all the stores. They also will post these on their website, through social media (you can monitor with the #7Election hashtag), and at selected billboards across Metro Manila, with the last tally to be announced on May 7.

A new wrinkle to their campaign is their online vote. You can go to the website and pick your candidate/s. You can also share whom you voted online. Like in the actual election, you can only vote once, essentially inculcating the user of the value of the ballot.