Thursday, December 15, 2011

Unscripted Conversations

To Be Launched on December 15

Blessed Beyond Belief. Shabba. Put God First And Everything Else Will Fall Into Place. Smilechecks.

That is Dollhouse lingo. No, not that Dollhouse in Ateneo. That lingo is very very different. This lingo is from the defunct station u92, which has since been reformatted into Radyo Singko, the AM on FM by TV5. One of their hit radio shows then was called The Dollhouse, which had Sarah Meier-Albano and Vicky Herrera on the mic. You knew about Sarah as THAT VJ from MTV, during its heyday here in the Philippines. Vicky is part of the Herrera family. If you are in tune with Philippine fashion, that family name will definitely ring a bell. Both ladies may have more slashes than Freddy versus Jason.

2010 was a blessing for me in that this was the year I met these two ladies. I was fascinated by their thought process and all that, but mainly for the brightness and positive vibe both bring in during the afternoon and then in the morning. The music was fresh and wonderful, imbued by their essence.

In the brief life of u92, other than the Brewrats who brought their culture onto the station, I though this show simply gave it the identity to which everything followed suit. It's about the music, the positivity, the vibrance and the simple conversation.

The station has long since passed on, but the concept remains alive, moving on to other means to spread its gospel, through their tumblr and through their weekly article in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. And now, this is the latest in their means to spread their gospel. The book will be launched later today at Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street.

What you can expect inside the book? Stories from the guests who appeared on the show, from Gang Badoy to Mastaplann to Imelda Marcos to Ryan Cayabyab. Also pictures documenting what had transpired in their brief stay on radio.

So go out and check it.