Monday, November 19, 2012

Platform returns

It's back to rock your style.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Refuel & Re-Energize with Milo R2

NestlĂ© Philippines recently launched their newest product under the MILO® banner, the MILO® R2.

MILO® R2 is a complete mix of MILO®, milk and sugar. Each delicious glass REFUELS + RE-ENERGIZES (thus the name R2) because of a special blend of carbohydrates called PROTOMALT®, which helps regain lost energy efficiently.

MILO® R2 is a perfect drink for adults in maintaining their work-life balance, as it will help them efficiently regain and sustain energy lost from their different errands and busy schedules

You can already have your taste of MILO® R2, as it is now available at your nearest supermarkets and convenience stores.
For more details on the MILO® R2, you can check MILO®'s Facebook page at and follow us their Twitter account, @MiloPH.