Friday, December 28, 2012

The 2012 MMFF Awards Winners


Best Actress – Nora Aunor (Thy Womb)
Best Actor – Dingdong Dantes (One More Try)
Best Picture – One More Try
2nd Best Picture - El Presidente
3rd Best Picture - Sisterakas
Gatpuno Antonio Villegas Cultural Award - Thy Womb
Best Director - Brillante Mendoza (Thy Womb)
Best Supporting Actress – Wilma Doesn’t (Sisterakas)
Best Supporting Actor - Cesar Montano (El Presidente)
Best Screenplay - Anna Karenina Ranos (One More Try)
Best Original Story - Henry Burgos (Thy Womb)
Gender Sensitive Award - Thy Womb
First Fernando Poe Jr. Memorial Awards of Excellence - One More Try
Best Editing – Vito Cahilig (One More Try)
Best Cinematography - Odyssey Flores (Thy Womb)
Best Production Design – Brillante Mendoza (Thy Womb)
Best Visual Effects - Shake Rattle & Roll 14
Best Make-up – El Presidente
Best Theme Song - "El Presidente" by (El Presidente)
Best Musical Score - Jesse Lazaten (El Presidente)
Best Sound - Albert Michael Idioma (El Presidente) 

New Wave Category

Best Picture - The Grave Bandits
Jury Prize - Ad Ignorantiam
Best Director - Tyron Acierto (The Grave Bandits)
Best Actress - Liza Diño (In Nomine Matris)
Best Actor - Allan Paule (Gayak)
Gender Sensitive Award - In Nomine Matris
Student Short Film - (Manibela) 

Special Awards:

Female Star of the Night - Nora Aunor
Male Star of the Night - Erap Estrada
SMDC Five Star Male and Female Celebrity of the Night – Zanjoe Marudo and Bianca King

Monday, November 19, 2012

Platform returns

It's back to rock your style.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Refuel & Re-Energize with Milo R2

Nestlé Philippines recently launched their newest product under the MILO® banner, the MILO® R2.

MILO® R2 is a complete mix of MILO®, milk and sugar. Each delicious glass REFUELS + RE-ENERGIZES (thus the name R2) because of a special blend of carbohydrates called PROTOMALT®, which helps regain lost energy efficiently.

MILO® R2 is a perfect drink for adults in maintaining their work-life balance, as it will help them efficiently regain and sustain energy lost from their different errands and busy schedules

You can already have your taste of MILO® R2, as it is now available at your nearest supermarkets and convenience stores.
For more details on the MILO® R2, you can check MILO®'s Facebook page at and follow us their Twitter account, @MiloPH.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sexy Saves Boracay

We all know about Axe, the iconic male fragrance brand known for sexy, over-the-top TV commercials and wild publicity stunts, like the Axe Anarchy Raid. Yup, the cops-and-robbers game that YouTube celebrity Ashley Rivera a.k.a Petra Mahalimuyak won with Eric Losloso earlier this year.

Axe Philippines once again has a new project in line with Axe Anarchy, this time it's different, but it's still sexy as we know it.

This is Sexy Saves Boracay.

As you would know already, this involves the island paradise of Boracay, where tourists have flocked to enjoy its beaches and experience the vibe. It is about preserving and promoting the tourist haven for future generations. According to Axe Philippines Brand Manager Gem Laforteza, “It’s one of the most beautiful places in the World.  We want to get more young people to care about Boracay by making this a cool and sexy cause to support,”

“Boracay is all about being young and having fun.  And that’s exactly what the Axe brand is: young, fun, and sexy.  That’s why we love this cause,” says the Axe team.  Well, the Axe Girls will definitely be a big help in getting the support of guys everywhere.

In conjunction with the campaign, Axe Philippines will be conducting a fundraiser on October 27 at the Aseana Grounds in Pasay City. What kind of fund-raiser? A car wash featuring the lovely Axe Girls. In Bikinis. For a 500-peso donation, the Axe Girls would be making sure your car looks like it came fresh from the dealership. Proceeds from the event will be matched by Axe Philippines and the amount will be used to fund a Boracay clean-up. How does the car wash work? They did this a couple of weeks ago at the Fort:

Also, a lucky guy and gal will have the chance and opportunity to represent the Philippines as Axe's country brand ambassadors in a private island in the nation of Belize to celebrate the success of the Axe Anarchy fragrance.

For more details, check out or the Axe Facebook page at You may also tweet Axe Philippines at

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

goodles' World Lasagna Day promotion

goodles is throwing a special treat for all Seven Layer Lasagna lovers. In celebration of World Lasagna Day this July 29, goodles is throwing a treat to all lasagna lovers. From July 27-29 at goodles Robinsons Galleria and July 27-30 at goodles University Mall (closed on Sunday), customers are in for a special treat. goodles Basic Meat Seven Layer Lasagna is on a special promotion of buy 1 and get the 2nd tub at only P99! We encourage customers to avail of this special once in a year promotion as we share the love of lasagna to everyone.

Also, a special contest will run for our Facebook and twitter fans until July 30th. Simply guess how many ingredients goes into making our Basic Meat Seven Layer Lasagna creation and you will win P1,000 in GCs. We encourage everyone to like our Facebook page ( or follow @ilovegoodles on Twitter to get the complete details.

Friday, June 29, 2012

June 30 Social Media Day Tweetup

Here is the press release from Mashable (comments in parenthesis, mine):

We’re thrilled to celebrate Mashable’s third annual Social Media Day! We launched the event in 2010 as a way to recognize the digital revolution happening right before our eyes. We invite you to join fellow social media enthusiasts by hosting or attending a Social Media Day Meetup in your area.

Visit our Social Media Day website for resources and more information:

On June 30, the Philippines joins the world, for the very first time, in marking Social Media Day, with a big event planned right at the heart of Makati City. (Similar events are planned all across the archipelago)

Filipino Twitterati, bloggers, advocates, practitioners from media, business, government are expected to grace that day’s celebration of creativity, community and conversation that has pushed individuals, companies and organizations, and the nation many steps forward and ahead of the rest of the world.

The event is being organized by the community of netizens behind TweetUp Manila and the first Twestival Manila, and whose work and passions have brought them together both online and offline.

There is much reason to celebrate social media in the Philippines: its creation of new careers and new opportunities, the awesome efforts to use new tools for helping during and after disasters such as Ondoy and Sendong, the new space for media, politics and expression, citizen journalism and cutting-edge, content-rich multimedia practice, and industry going digital to reach and affect more people whether thru marketing, PR or advertising.

Follow @TweetupMNL for details!
Our official Facebook page:
Our blog:

Don’t forget to Sign up here.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gary Granada's Statement Re: Philpop

I am re-posting this in full and unedited, in deference to the artist's request. 

Friends - lalo na those in music - paki kalat ito hanggang makarating sa kinauukulan. Thank you.

A message from Gary Granada to people who have been trying to destroy the integrity of Philpop:

Dear LenDante Clarino and Justice League Anonymous,

I am compelled to respond to comments pertaining to my inclusion in the Philpop music festival. I’ve heard that some people are questioning the integrity of the contest, but since I don’t have a Facebook or a Twitter account (Cooky Chua and my daughter helped me open one but after a short while I found it too laborious), I thought I had better things to do than take low blows from anonymous geniuses seriously. I suggest that you take up your cause in the open, invite the organizers and those whom you believe did you injustice in a public forum, or go full-throttle and file formal complaints or case before say the DTI for unfair competition or the regular courts for that matter. Nothing is more unhelpful than people who resort to name calling but disown their own names and conveniently hide behind a handle. So, come out in the open, organize a forum. I will attend. Tell it to my face.

The reason why I need to reply this time is because I personally read it myself in the Inquirer and the source whose name sounds familiar and real to me is actually mentioned.

“Unprofessional” (by promoting a talent competition that will pick out 14 qualifiers with ‘one slot seemingly appearing reserved for you, in view of your endorsement.’) and “indecent” (you refused to accommodate a starving musician like the words to your song, “umusog-usog ng kahit konti?”), that’s what I’m accused of by a music industry professional named LenDante Clarino.

Why did I appear in Philpop’s website endorsing the project? Because before Philpop launched the project, they asked for blurbs from people whose opinions they apparently thought would help promote the initiative. You do what little you can to help out.

Why did I join the contest? I actually told Ryan I may have to beg off because judging from what you hear over the radio these days, I am too old for such K-poppish stuff. Besides I stopped writing songs already since I turned 50, and limited myself to jingles and quick-buck projects. No more real writing for me, I’m in the wrong trade. I’m a dismal failure in this country. I probably hold the record for the most number of OPM songs recorded that Filipinos themselves never even once heard!

True-to-form optimist Ryan Cayabcab, however, dismissed it and even joked, “Sumali ka, idol ka nga e!” Again, if you really care about OPM, you put your slogans to actual work So I relented and wrote an entirely new piece, following the rules to the letter. You suggest that a slot was reserved for me? You are way off mark and completely out of tune. Mr. LenDante Clarino, you offend everyone involved in this little initiative, particularly the ones who screened the songs. But most of all, you offend me and my children. Do you have children of your own? Would they be happy to hear that their father qualified in a competition not because his work is good but because a slot is prearranged for him?

On the matter of giving others a chance, surely you don’t mean that if say Noel Cabangon needs materials for a new album he is making, the producers should exclude senior citizens and raffle off the tracks to young songwriters in the interest of OPM. The M in OPM is Music, not Musicians. What OPM needs is not young, old, amateur or veteran musicians. What it needs is literary and musical excellence alongside cultural integrity, from wherever and whomever we can source it.

Democracy is a most compelling idea. That is why we insist that everybody should have equitable access to food, shelter, health, education as well as be guaranteed free exercise of fundamental civil and economic rights. However, writing a novel, poem or song is a different animal. You want my job, show me what you’ve got. That’s what 10 of the 14 Philpop finalists were able to accomplish. They did not beg to be patronized. They earned their slots on the merit of their efforts and intelligence, not on your supposed sympathy for starving artists. So I treat them with due courtesy as my peers in this friendly and fun tournament. They paid for their ticket with honest to goodness creative labor, now they deserve to enjoy the thrill of the ride. Congratulate and honor them, just like they honored me when I was their age and competing with veterans during my youth not so long ago.

And then you offend my parents. I was not one who, as you say, “literally clawed his way up from the gutters.” I was a National Science Development Board scholar taking up Metallurgical Engineering at the University of the Philippines. That was what I gave up for OPM. But before I entered the music industry I was already doing movie themes and jingles for advertising which to this day remains to be my source of beer money. I was never a starving artist. I am of the conviction that a good artist who works hard enough will never starve. I chose to write songs, worked hard and never begged for favors or kind considerations from concerned good Samaritans like you.

If as you say I made it to a talent search you produced (frankly I don’t remember which one), surely it is not because you were the producer. You did not reserve a slot for me then, did you? I won it on the merit of my work. Give the Philpop organizers the same courtesy. You do not have a monopoly of decency and propriety in this world sir.

Finally, you speculate, “..wouldn’t you feel awkward that people would be talking (about) that somehow, (when) you shall receive your remuneration during the contest proper itself?” You seem to worry about me as though we were lovers. What people say about me is not your problem. In fact it’s not even my problem. And I am quite certain that the Filipino people will not make it their problem. People would be talking about me? That would be the day. Don’t flatter yourself dear.

I'll tell you what my problem is. I'm reaching out to public institutions, policy makers, local government agencies, civil society leaders and the private sector in compiling resources for an advocacy towards local cultural content in the standard curriculum for basic education. Since you care about me deeply, would you care to contribute?

Gary Granada

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Toni Gonzaga is Coke Zero's Newest Face

There is a new face for Coke Zero, and for the general brand, it is a familiar face.

On May 23 at Greenbelt 5's The Gallery, Coke Zero formally introduced Toni Gonzaga as its latest face. She once again returns to the group that launched her into the Filipino consciousness. Remember this commercial for its sibling brand Sprite?

The commercial launched her career, which has expanded from hosting to acting to singing. In fact, she is the Philippines' Ultimate Multimedia star. You might say that she has it all, which precisely fits and espouses Coke Zero's battlecry: Have It All.

According to Coke Zero brand manager Nikki Lee, “Toni Gonzaga is just the perfect brand ambassador for COKE ZERO. We’ve practically watched her blossom before our eyes and we all admire her for really chasing after her dreams and making it! She’s achieved remarkable things and at the same time, enjoys what she’s doing... COKE ZERO is proud to have someone like her who does have it all, the same way the brand makes it possible for you to have all you want in a beverage - Great Taste and Zero Sugar,”

The Kapamilya star was excited with her newest endorsement, “I feel really blessed to be able to represent a brand like COKE ZERO because we stand for the same things: that you don’t have to compromise on the things that make you happy – that you can have it all, for as long as you put your heart into it. Fortunately, when it comes to beverage choices, COKE ZERO gives just that, a chance to have it all: great taste na, zero sugar pa! Ano pang hahanapin mo?”

If you want to have it all, you can visit Coke Zero's Facebook page. For more updates, you can follow the brand on Twitter.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Nokia Lumia Mother's Day Promo

It's Mother's day this weekend, so this might be a good way to share your love and devotion to your mom.

Thanks to Nokia.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Powerade and Neil Etheridge

Neil Etheridge arrived in the country mainly to prepare for the FIFA international friendly against Malaysia last February 29. In addition to that, he also managed to make his first formal appearance as an endorser for sports drink brand Powerade at the Makati Shangri-La last February 27. Neil is the final piece of its dream team of Ambassadors, as the Fulham GK joins collegiate basketball standout David Semerad, running extraordinaire Rio dela Cruz and fitness maven Chinggay Andrada as the foursome for Powerade.